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Beyond our principal legal services in the solar energy field pertaining to the construction and establishment of new solar energy projects, together with the purchase (acquisition) and sale (divestiture) of solar energy projects, our law practice undertakes a range of further legal work pertaining to the renewal energy field, including:

Financing - essential to the launching of these long-term revenue generating system

Leasing - given that many projects are not in a position or not interested in acquiring the underlying real estate (i.e. rooftop)

Contracts - the binding arrangements between the various parties to the project

Joint Ventures / Partnerships - where collaboration and pooling of resources is required for the advancement of the particular project

Disputes / Litigation - given the reality that problems do arise between parties to such projects and the resolution of such problems is all too often not all that straightforward

Construction Lien - one of the prevalent areas of contention arising from the construction of these expensive, multi-faceted projects, among other issues involving the contractors and subcontractors

As a lawyer committed to the successful implementation of solar energy projects and the realization of the economic potential of this renewable energy source, assessing contractual opportunities is critical to assisting clients optimizing the profit potential from their solar energy projects. Solar energy offers many business opportunities, it is merely a matter of harnessing those opportunities to your advantage. It is our intention to be your legal guide towards the realization of that goal.

For legal services to advance your solar energy business, contact solar energy lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld at or by telephone at 416-887-9702 [Toronto]; 905-616-8864 [western GTA] or 403-400-4092 [Calgary, Alberta].


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Solar Energy Lawyer Christopher Neufeld is a corporate commercial lawyer admitted to practice law in Ontario and Alberta (Canada) and New York (U.S.A.).  Christopher's legal practice focuses primarily on business law, in particular corporate commercial transactions, with a keen focus on solar energy and the business opportunities arising therefrom.  The law firm of Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation has offices located in Toronto (1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario); Burlington (719 Catalina Crescent, Burlington, Ontario); and  Calgary (144 - 4th Avenue SW, Suite 1600, Calgary, Alberta), with the capacity to serve the solar energy industry's legal needs throughout Ontario and Alberta. More at © 2016.

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